First Week of a Break-Up

There is nothing worse than the first week of a break up. The first week of a break up is like the first time guys have sex. It’s awkward and boring. And we keep telling each other were doing it right, and it’s a lie. First week of a break up you’re on my mind more than you ever were. So I clean everything in my room. Clean my way into forgetting, but then I find things I couldn’t when we were together; your shirt, your favorite CD, reasons that I liked you. Until my room reeks of your influence. See I keep wanting to invite you over but love can’t live here anymore, she might bring her children. Trust and Neglect. Those two run around my room always breaking shit and I can’t seem to clean up fast enough. They tend to ruin romantic moments with questions and lies, and I can see their children when I look into their eyes. It’s you and I. Not sure when we had them, but now they live in the next room. Always barging in talking about they’re having nightmares and can they sleep with us too? Trust dreams about deceiving so that’s what we do. Live out each others nightmares until we’re bed full of problems and solving’s not an option ‘cause solutions are few. Neglect keeps me in bed talking about I don’t love her like you and trust. I know I must’ve told her that but both of them still look so much like you. And I thought I’d be cool but I still see you on corners and stores and windows I’m passing and in conversations and phrases and menus and laughing and in traffic in song after song that they play back get no time to lay back I cant take my day back, ASAP. A song unsung that years to be is on my tongue. It’s called apology, but I will not drop the key, this is not for me. This is how it’s got to be. They say it takes twice as long to forget as it was to get to know. So now I’m sitting in my room talking about six days down, and six more years to go. This is for all the women out there that think men don’t burn. That when it comes to heartbreak, it is never our turn. It don’t matter who or what is to blame, because in the first week after a breakup…alone, always feels the same.


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